Stratstone Classic Motor Cars Connection

1ST MAR 2013

The Stratstone brand was founded in 1921 by business partners and motoring enthusiasts Undecimus Stratton and Ernest Instone, retailing Daimler cars in London from our Mayfair location heralding the arrival of the motor distribution system as we know it today.

We are pleased to announce that Bridgnorth-based Classic Motor Cars (CMC) is to sell its classic Jaguars through our flagship Jaguar dealership – Stratstone of Mayfair.

This is a unique and innovative partnership. In the past, classic motor restoration companies have never sold their vehicles through a mainstream dealership.


CMC chairman, Peter Neumark, said:

“We are delighted to have formed a relationship with Stratstone as it is the first time a classic restoration company like CMC has sold classic cars through a main dealership.

“We will jointly offer a range of classic Jaguars that we have restored or prepared and provide specialist advice to those interested in the cars."

Jaguar F Pace in blue.

James Brearley, Managing Director of Stratstone, said:

"Throughout my time in the industry I have never come across a restorer as capable or passionate as CMC and it is a pleasure to work with them and their team."

Stratstone of Mayfair is currently selling a Jaguar E-Type Series 3 V12, one of the last fifty E-Types which have come to be known as 'Commemorative'. As the production of Jaguar's most successful sports car came to a close in 1974, the company marked the occasion by producing a special limited edition.