Recognising and celebrating the group's shining stars sits at the heart of our business at Pendragon.

The Extra Mile scheme gives our team members and leaders a unique opportunity to say thank you for fantastic contributions and hard work by submitting their nominations every month.

From these monthly submissions, senior leaders within every team will select a quarterly winner, who is invited to attend a celebratory lunch to commend their achievements.

From 13-17th May, we had some fantastic lunches in various locations throughout the UK including Birmingham, Cardiff, Hull, Nottingham, Newcastle, Leeds, London, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester and Milton Keynes.

These lunches are a brilliant way for our team members to get together, meet people from all around the business that they may not have met before and enjoy some delicious food and drinks as well as the day off!

We'd like to take congratulations and another thank you to all the team members who attended a lunch this May. Your efforts are very much appreciated and we hope you had an awesome time!


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