We Showcase Careers for Women with New Video

20TH FEB 2018

As part of our commitment to attract more women to the automotive industry, we have utilised our Stratstone BMW and MINI division to highlight the wealth of opportunities available for females within the industry.

We have created an engaging video to showcase the breadth of opportunities available, featuring women from across our BMW and MINI operation, speaking about their careers and the common misconceptions about an automotive career. From Directors to Sales Executives, we are proud to offer a huge range of career opportunities for both men and women yet the industry can be misconceived as being a male orientated world.


Sandra Domagala, Regional Director for Stratstone MINI, said:

"We created this video as part of a wider commitment to show the fantastic career opportunities available within the automotive industry. There has been historic gender bias across the industry, and unfortunately many misconceptions still linger today, meaning the industry remains largely male-dominated.

"We're trying to change that and show what a rewarding career this can be. Our customer base is varied and we want our team to be reflective of that. We hope this video tackles stereotypes and preconceptions about the industry, and removes barriers to an exciting career for women."

Sandra Domagala, Regional Director for Stratstone Mini.