We are proud to have today pledged our commitment to help end discrimination and stigma around mental illness by signing the Time to Change pledge.

Our HR Director, Jo Moxon, signed the pledge at our Training Academy in Mansfield, marking our public commitment to help change how we think and act about mental health issues.

As part of us signing the Time to Change pledge, we have committed to a range of activities to support our mental health agenda, including, but not limited to:

  • Actively participating in and promoting internal and national awareness of mental health
  • Providing opportunities for team members to attend workshops focused on equality and diversity, with a clear framework around mental health
  • Providing training for all leaders across the business focused on recognising problems and supporting mental health in the workplace
  • Using internal communications channels to encourage awareness of and access to support, including the Employee Assistance Programme (EAP) and external support
  • Inviting members of the workforce to be champions and join the equality and diversity teams


The pledge supports Working Well Together, our newly launched team member health and wellbeing strategy which is made up of four parts; My Mind, My Body, My Finances and My Support. To underpin the My Mind section we pledge to continue our focus on eliminating any type of discrimination in our workplace, and focus on ending the stigma attached to Mental Health. As an organisation, we support 'Time to Change' and commit to the actions described in this plan with the purpose of improving our team members' wellbeing.

Jo Moxon said:

"Today is an important day as Pendragon publicly joins the fight to end mental health stigma in the workplace. This is our way of saying to our team members that it's ok to talk about not being ok.

We want to encourage people to speak out, and feel comfortable knowing there will be someone listening and support available.

I'm proud to have been able to sign the Time to Change pledge today on behalf of Pendragon and we look forward to implementing new activity to support our commitment."


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