Stratstone Aston Martin Wilmslow More Photos

Stratstone Aston Martin Wilmslow has recently been named the best retailer in the world for new car volume. This is the second year running that the reputable retailer has received this accolade - a tremendously impressive achievement which demonstrates the high level of service provided.

To complement this exciting news, the official Aston Martin dealership, which is situated on Wilmslow High Street, has just undergone an extensive refurbishment. As a result of the refurbishment, the prestige retailer now possesses a new parking area and luxurious specification lounges in which customers can create and modify their new Aston Martin to their exact preference using Q by Aston Martin - the brand's unique personalisation service.

The new 'deluxe showroom' also has an area in which a dedicated display of Timeless pre-owned Aston Martin models exists. Not only is this recently renovated retailer a space in which customers can purchase or have their Aston Martin serviced, but also where they can fully experience the highly regarded, British automotive brand.